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First, we look at your situation to determine if you’re eligible for Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status. Because of the numerous disreputable tactics used by timeshare companies, there are a large number of ways that qualify clients as Resort Timeshare Fraud Victims.

       Did the seller create a false sense of urgency or conduct an excessively-long tour at the time of sale?

        Was he or she dishonest about tax incentives or maintenance fees?

        Did they fail to disclose the termination period accurately, or sign documents at the time of closing?  

These are just a few of the things that constitute illegal practices within the timeshare industry. At the Guardian Group we know how to identify and present these practices in order to get your timeshare terminated, permanently.


We specialize in Timeshare Elimination, we make it simple. We get you out of what they got you in… GUARANTEED! Guardian Group has worked hard to maintain client relations to keep our reputation affordable but most importantly, efficient.

Financial Recovery

The Purchase of a Timeshare in reality signs your family up for a life time of debt.  Guardian Group will stop the hemorrhaging of your hard earned money into something that has no value.

For Your Protection

Our highly qualified team of professionals will help protect you.

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