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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t resale work?

There are tens of thousands of timeshare ownerships up for sale with zero sales. Thus, people don’t want to be bound contractually when these timeshares can be rented for less than the owner’s maintenance fees.

What is a special assessment?

Any improvement or upgrade not coverd by regular maintenance fees.

Why do I have multiple deeds?

When upgrading, it is very common for people to trade their existing ownership for a discount on the new purchase. As this occurs, it is also very common for the resort in question to not terminate ones’ original ownership. Thus, leaving you with two deeds instead of one.

Why keep paying the resort fees?

The resort has many avenues to force owners to pay. Such as liens, garnishments, lawsuits. Remember an owner is under contract “to pay any bill received”.

Why doesn’t the resort take them back?

Once a person owns a timeshare they have agreed to pay maintenance fees of an indefinite period of time..Forever! This being the case, maintenance fees are the life blood that keeps the resorts alive.

Why do maintenance fees go up?

First……because they can. Also many owners won’t pay for years at a time so the resort increases fees to cover.

Why doesn’t it go up in value?

The value of real estate in general typically appreciates when there is a limited supply. For timeshare properties, there is virtually an unlimited supply.

A better way to travel?

Timeshare ownership is not better. Renting is 100% flexible 100% available. Then you leave with a receipt instead of a bill.