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The Guardian Group team of professionals will legally and ethically terminate your timeshare contracts and help you regain the freedom from timeshare debt that you deserve!

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Guardian Group Services and Guarantee

Between property taxes, maintenance fees, mortgage payments, and other expenses, a timeshare may cost you more than you bargained for, all for a property you can only use part of the year. Guardian Group is committed to getting you out of your timeshare as quickly and inexpensively as possible. With our help, you can cut your losses with minimal cost and even less trouble.


We specialize in Timeshare Elimination, we make it simple. We get you out of what they got you in... GUARANTEED! Guardian Group has worked hard to maintain client relations to keep our reputation affordable but most importantly, efficient.

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Most Timeshare owners have fallen prey to the Rental/Resale/Transfer market.  Desperate to find a solution to Timeshare fees, owners would try anything. Guardian Group will do EVERYTHING in their power to help their clients recoup as much of this loss as possible.

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Guardian Group believes that the Timeshare Industry has negatively affected their clients and their families enough.  Here at Guardian Group we have designed and maintained a process that will help Timeshare owners  separate themselves from the Resorts grasp without the side effects to their families financial well being.

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Canceling Your Timeshare

Whether you’re a new owner with one property or are juggling multiple timeshares, we can get you out of your agreement on favorable terms. We are committed to eliminating any debt you have for the property, as well as mortgage payments, maintenance fees, and other continuous expenses. Regardless of the amount you owe, the date you signed the contract or the nature of the property, we know how to find a way out.

Guardian Group is not a resale company, but rather a service that helps you eliminate a costly timeshare burden. We have a 100 percent money back guarantee for our services.

Whether you are dealing with a single properties or multiple properties, Guardian Group has a simple, easy, and efficient process that has a customer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t let your timeshare weigh you down for one more day, contact us now!

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